Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The stupid videos on your site don’t work. What’s wrong with you people?
The streaming videos on this web site are hosted by YouTube. If the video won’t play, try restarting your browser, emtpying your browser cache, or both. If that doesn’t work, treat yourself to some Internet porn for making the effort.

Q. I want to send you a letter composed in ALL CAPS but can’t find an email address. What’s wrong with you people?

You may send outrageous demands to us through our contact page.

Q. Who are you people? Haven’t I seen that one guy on TV? What’s wrong with him?
You must be speaking of TV’s Todd Robert Anderson. He wants you to shop at Staples, eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, and buy a Nissan SUV. There are many things wrong with him. Between Todd’s ginormous star-power and Stephen J. Skelton’s ambivalence towards Todd’s ginormous star-power, it’s only a matter of time before you become tired of reading this sentence.

Q. Your sketches are an enormous waste of time. What’s wrong with you people?
Why would you say that? It hurts. It hurts so much…