“baby talk”

If Todd’s potty mouth doesn’t get us flagged as inappropriate on YouTube, then they’re really not paying attention over there. You have been warned. Dare you experience the Jokey Bit called “baby talk”? Why not? You’ll be back surfing for Internet porn inside of 3 minutes!


Imagine if you will, a world in which one man desperately tries to achieve some kind of thing that has to do with some sort of job. Witness his descent into madness as his pleas for help go unanswered by his very self…himself. You have now crossed over into the Jokey Bit called “todd”.

“blammo! you’re fired!”

Jokey Bits’ “Blammo! You’re Fired!” takes a hard look into the ruthless world of comic book sound effects manufacturing. Not for the faint of heart, this episode is guaranteed to leave you enraged and in tears (Disclaimer: you may need to jam your foot into a couch leg for tears and rage).