1. I’m thinking about showing this to the Italians…in order to accommodate to a more diverse audience please provide more foreign vulgarities in your movies you figlio della puttani. Otherwise, BRAVO!

  2. oh and also use the phrase ‘viral video’ I can’t explain why but it makes me laugh and get nervous at the same time…I like that.

  3. I have to say, this was the first Jokey Bits sketch that didn’t make me laugh at all, either. I get that the joke was that it was incredibly stupid and went on and on, it was some sort of artsy anti-comedy thing. But these sorts of bits just work or they don’t, and I don’t think this one did. I think these things usually work better if the initial joke was mildly funny, but then it gets dragged out forever. To just have two guys yelling TANG for like 20 minutes made me feel like I was stuck on the bus with crazy people. And once I got that the bit was just the TANG shouting, there was no surprise, no false endings to throw me off. Nothing. Just TANG!

    All that being said… You guys rock, like 93 percent of the time.

    (This post was sponsored by Tang, wasn’t it? It’s the weirdest viral campaign ever!)

  4. @ Monsters and Rockets: Nonsense humor generally boils down to “take it or leave it.” Although, I would argue that the bit works even though it didn’t grab you, personally (or Jeff). Absurdist jokes tend to defy critical analysis since they require the audience to be on board, as opposed to more classically scripted humor. For example, I don’t find Family Guy particularly funny (bits here and there, yes, but on the whole, no). However, even in jokes I don’t find funny I can look at the structure and appreciate how somebody else may laugh at it. I can’t really do the same with something completely random that I don’t connect with.

    That being said, thank you for your thoughtful comments. We’re generally used to abusive comments from Film Pigs on YouTube where, when somebody doesn’t like us they generally offer something like “You guys r stupid fags i hateyou why dont u fuk urselfs & suck each other off stpid faggot Hitler cocks!” Actual discussion is refreshing.

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